tl;dr - Here is the AI career survey.

Let's face it. Most of what you hear about AI careers is b.s. from marketers, analysts, and recruiter firms. Of course there is a war for AI talent, but what do top candidates actually want from their careers? Moreover ...

  • Why do great data scientists suddenly quit?
  • How are employers training and retaining AI product managers?
  • Why do top MLOps candidates turn down "great" offers?

The Prolego AI careers study

We've all got opinions, but what is actually happening in AI careers? Prolego commissioned a research study to learn the truth from the most reliable sources: the AI professionals themselves.

We commissioned a qualitative and quantitative study about AI careers and will be interviewing hundreds of AI professionals for input.

What do we mean by "AI"?

By “AI” we mean the suite of technologies and practices for researching, building, deploying and scaling machine learning models to solve business problems.

We are excluding traditional IT work such as rules-driven software engineering, dashboard design, and business intelligence.

Want to offer your opinion?

Of course you do!

To participate, just take a few minutes to complete this SurveyMonkey survey.

In appreciation of your effort we will send you an early release of the survey's results before it is available to the public.


How much time will it take?

There are only 36 questions, about 15 minutes should be enough.

Can you show me an example question?


Will you ask for my personal info?

Nope. It is 100% anonymous.

Do you offer money in exchange for participation?

Nope. We are looking for input from serious AI professionals who recognize the value in this bottoms-up research. In our experience, offering money attracts a different type of participant—and usually involves sharing a lot of sensitive personal info.

Instead of asking you to share your sensitive info for a gift card, we are offering you early access to the survey results.

I have a question or feedback about the AI Careers study. Who can I contact?

Just email me (Russ Rands) at

Russ Rands
Chief Operating Officer + Co-Founder

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