What if your whole company could see the opportunity we see?


There is no roadmap beyond the initial stages of deploying AI to solve niche problems. How do you illuminate the AI path ahead, and more importantly, what the company can become?

What you seek is AI Abundance

AI of the future will be like electricity, computers, and the Internet today: a foundation of everything. We call this future state AI Abundance™, when AI becomes the default operating system that moves the entire company forward.

Every company goes through phases on the journey to AI Abundance.

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Phase of testing and discovery
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Phase of specific successes
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Phase of extreme leverage and outsized returns
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Like most companies, you are probably stuck in the early transformational phase. There’s no blueprint for making AI more than a set of isolated features.
Your biggest challenges are organizational

Abundance requires having the right people in the right places, embracing constant experimentation, and building AI literacy into your culture. You cannot get there if your C-suite doesn’t understand the value of investing in AI. Or if your business leaders don’t know what AI can do. Or if your risk managers don’t know how to update policies. Or if IT doesn’t know how to scale AI with MLOps.

These are just a few of the many challenges you will encounter in the transformational phase.

Prolego leads you through the transformational phase to
AI Abundance

Every AI leader feels like you do: you instinctively understand the opportunity of AI Abundance, but you struggle to see a future beyond smaller, ROI-driven projects.That’s where we come in. We work exclusively with Fortune 1000s to help them through the transformation phase to AI Abundance. Yes, we build cutting-edge solutions. But more importantly we use the technology as a conduit for integrating AI into your culture.

You have only five years to reach AI Abundance
Years until it’s too late

You have a window of opportunity to start this journey, but the competition isn’t waiting. Your traditional rivals, new entrants like Amazon, and venture-backed startups are all accelerating their AI investments. They want your customers, and they’ll do everything they can to slam your window shut as fast as possible.

History teaches us that you have far less time than you realize. AI is an exponential technology like the internet, electric cars, and Bitcoin. Exponential technologies develop slowly but ultimately reach a point of abundance and accelerating returns.

Based on historical trends, companies will begin reaching AI Abundance in 2026. They will have made the organizational and cultural changes necessary to build AI into their business operating system, and slower competitors will be unable to catch up.

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AI Abundance:

Why you have only five years to prepare for the inevitable business extinction event