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You don’t understand AI. And it isn’t your fault. 

95% of what is written about AI is either too general or too technical for a corporate audience. Many of our clients have taken courses, read books and blogs, attended conferences, and listened to dozens of vendor pitches—and only found themselves more confused than ever. In this book we answer the most common questions these business leaders ask us.

Learn how to talk to your data scientists

A major obstacle of AI is understanding the language. What does AI mean? Machine learning? Training data? What is a model?

Many business leaders use these terms without understanding their meaning. Soon enough you’ll be able to spot an AI bullshitter.

Discover business opportunities with AI

Stop taking online courses looking for business insight! Learning Python won’t help you create business value.
Learn the four product patterns of AI—a framework for identifying business opportunities based on common applications of the technology.

  • Computer vision
  • Natural-language processing
  • Next-in-sequence (Tabular data)
  • Collaborative filters

Build your AI Strategy with the AI Canvas

What we discovered surprised us: We’ve helped thousands of AI leaders at the world’s largest companies develop their AI strategies using this simple framework. 

Stop having meetings and get your plan on paper!

Launch your first AI project

Most AI projects fail for organizational reasons—so get started on the right path with the right team. 

  • Build your team
  • Plan for your infrastructure
  • Avoid the major problems

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