💬 As we described in The Era of Enterprise Artificial Intelligence has Begun, we are on the brink of a mass automation revolution that promises to redefine the modus operandi of every business. 

This radical shift is possible because, for the first time in history, we have created a technology capable of human-level reasoning: GPT-4.

A glimpse into this future can be gleaned through an open-source project, AutoGPT. To quote directly from their website:

"Auto-GPT is an experimental open-source application showcasing the capabilities of the GPT-4 language model. This program, powered by GPT-4, strings together large language model (LLM) 'thoughts' to independently achieve any set goal. As one of the first examples of GPT-4 operating fully autonomously, Auto-GPT pushes the boundaries of what is achievable with AI."

In this video 📹 Prolego CEO Kevin Dewalt uses AutoGPT to demonstrate the potential of using GPT-4 as an agent capable of designing and orchestrating complex tasks within an application. 

Although the technology 🖧 is in its nascent stages and not without flaws, it illustrates how GPT-4 can be integrated with other tools and GPT models to strategize and commence execution of complex and ambiguous tasks.

However, the true potential of AutoGPT is revealed when you consider its capabilities when linked with every API in the world. This is already possible with AutoGPT plugins.  

🤔 Picture this: GPT-4 accessing every Microsoft Outlook feature, such as calendar and email; every Microsoft Office application, like Excel and Word; all internal and external APIs from your in-house systems, vendors, and suppliers; and even every service available on cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Azure.

Regrettably, too many people are yet to grasp the magnitude of the impending revolution 🪖 They remain fixated on the limitations of GPT-4, failing to appreciate its prowess as a reasoning agent. Moreover, they seem to overlook the fact that when GPT-4 is coupled with other tools ⚒️ its potential to overcome these limitations magnifies exponentially.

Kevin Dewalt
Chief Executive Officer & co-founder

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