Russ is a lifelong innovator that has always navigated in the Fortune 1000 universe.

For him, AI is the ultimate innovation challenge facing companies today. He co-founded Prolego because he believes AI innovation is different. It requires more foresight than insight, and more culture than code - two challenges that have also guided his career over the past 15 years.

He has led the development of enterprise-wide, open innovation programs for blue chip companies like Pfizer, Fidelity, ADP, Lowe’s, Estee Lauder, and Southern Company. He’s also served as the trusted advisor to numerous Chief Innovation and Strategy Officers at high-growth Fortune 1000 organizations looking to develop large scale innovation programs.

Being so embedded in the corporate world of AI, he understands the uneven pace at which top-tier companies are embracing the challenge. He also knows how to inspire people to rise to the occasion, regardless of whether they are the dev team intern or the CEO. What excites him is getting both of those people (and everyone in-between) to see the world differently.

Russ graduated with an MBA from The George Washington University School of Business and a BA in English from Brigham Young University.

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