Justin loves developing impactful solutions at the intersection of mathematics and computing.

His fascination with this potent combination is what drove him to the field of artificial intelligence. Beyond the hype, he sees data science, machine learning and intelligent computing as tools that are changing how people live and work.

He joined Prolego because he wanted to bring these techniques to a wide variety of businesses and help them develop the specific solutions that they need.  Advanced techniques mean nothing if they can not be used to develop pragmatic solutions to real problems in reasonable timeframes.

It is challenging to bridge the gap between academic research and applied solutions.  The challenge is heightened in the expansive and fast-moving world of AI, where there are thousands of papers published each year and a staggering number of tools being developed.  Justin is uniquely positioned to help companies bridge that gap having experience as an engineer, a researcher and a teacher.

Justin began his career as an engineer developing advanced modeling and simulation techniques for designing nuclear reactors for naval propulsion.  He subsequently held academic faculty positions at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where he was active in both applied research and teaching. He also taught data science to hundreds of students across North America as a lead instructor for General Assembly.

Justin holds a PhD from Georgia Tech.

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