I hope this book helps you begin your company’s journey into AI. It isn’t an easy
journey to begin, so don’t be discouraged.

Most AI educational resources are either too general or too technical for a
corporate audience. Many of our clients have taken courses, read books and blogs,
attended conferences, and listened to dozens of vendor pitches—and only found
themselves more confused than ever. In this book I attempted to answer the most
common questions these business leaders ask me.

Unfortunately I only scratched the surface on many complex topics. Because AI is
evolving rapidly and we’re getting better at solving your problems I am tempted to
keep making the book “better.” I want to expand the number of product patterns,
add case studies, and provide more specific guidance for getting machine learning
models into production. But at some point I had to stop typing and hand the copy
over to Russ so he can do the harder work of getting the book produced and into
your hands. So I will leave these additions for a future revision.

In the meantime, just reach out to Russ ( if you have any
questions. We’ll be happy to jump on a call together and talk about your situation.
Lots of people are talking about AI, but very few have successfully built and
deployed AI products. We are among those few who have done it—for enterprise
clients who have data, talent, and organizational challenges very similar to yours.
A 30-minute call with us can save you months of headaches.

Kevin Dewalt
September 2018


Kevin Dewalt

Prolego founder & CEO

Kevin helps companies generate billion-dollar revenue opportunities with AI. At In-Q-Tel he helped make over $20M of venture capital investments and deployed Palantir’s first intelligence product. At FINRA he ran the machine learning systems which enforce NASDAQ rules. As CMO of MadKudu he helped create Silicon Valley’s premiere predictive sales platform. Kevin is also a recognized global innovation leader who launched the NSF I-CORPS class with Steve Blank at Stanford. He graduated #1 in his US Coast Guard Academy class with a degree in electrical engineering. His AI expertise began at Stanford University while completing original research under Dr. Bernard Widrow.


Russ Rands

Prolego founder & COO

Russ helps executives build strategies and products to take advantage of the AI revolution. Russ has spent the last 15 years leading corporate innovation teams at Fortune 1000 organizations. At Spigit, Russ led engagements in the development of enterprise-wide open innovation programs for such companies as Pfizer, Fidelity, ADP, Lowe’s, and Southern Company. At CSC, Russ managed a crowdsourced innovation program, responsible for over $600M of value creation. At the Corporate Executive Board, Russ worked with chief innovation officers to build large innovation programs. Russ graduated with an M.B.A. from the George Washington University School of Business & a B.A. in English from Brigham Young University.

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