Ep. 2 - Your "Quick Win" AI Opportunity - Automated Document Processing

I've received numerous messages from both individuals and companies over the past few months. They're eager to harness the power of AI, yet unsure of where to start. It amazes me how much confusion surrounds this field - particularly when I see opportunities everywhere.

Since most companies are looking for a "quick win" in their first project, I decided to cover this topic in Episode 2 of our AI Strategy Series. What I call automated document processing is a generic term for using the GPT-4 model from OpenAI to automate many mundane business processes. Literally every company I've worked with has many opportunities for it.

Some studies suggest that large institutions, such as governments, banks, and universities, spend up to 40% of their effort on these processes. It is a straightforward solution, low risk, and almost guaranteed to be a hit with your business customers. Hence, a quick win.

Understanding automated document processing becomes a breeze with a diagram and an example, and that's exactly what I've included in our concise, nine-minute video. If you're interested in AI and trying to find the best initial opportunities, watch it now. The concepts will be useful for analytics leaders, product teams, or aspiring entrepreneurs.

For a deeper understanding, you can explore the supplemental technical video on automated document processing. To really get hands-on, download and customize the code I shared in our Github repo.

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