Ep 36. Get a Quick Win with GenAI in 5 Weeks

Your company wants to adopt AI, but you're stuck in discussions and POCs. Here is how you can get a quick win in just a few weeks.

Welcome to Episode 36 of Prolego's Generative AI Series.

🔍 What’s Inside This Episode?

  • In this episode, we breakdown the AI project characteristics of
    companies like Vericant and ServiceNow who have recently logged major wins.
  • We review other successful AI projects, specifically those that use text summarization, classification, and we make recommendations on the use open-source LLMs for handling non-sensitive data to ensure a smooth project start and avoiding regulatory complications.
  • Lastly, we also discuss how to create an effective AI workflow, from assembling a diverse dataset to refining AI prompts for optimal results.

Let’s Future Proof Your Business.