Ep. 3 - This is the “Killer App” of Enterprise AI: Unified NLQ

A “killer app” is an application with such demand that it propels the adoption of the underlying technology. Microsoft Word served as a killer app for personal computers; email was the killer app for networks; Netscape was a killer app for the Internet; the App Store became the killer app for smartphones.

So, what will be the killer app compelling companies to adopt AI en masse? What is the particular application that will drive executives, product teams, and business intelligence teams to demand it fervently? That is the focus of Episode 3 in our AI Strategy series on YouTube.

The answer is Unified Natural Language Query (Unified NLQ).

Unified NLQ enables various stakeholders - including executives, employees, customers, prospects, and partners - to pose questions about data in natural language and receive relevant responses. It’s like creating a ChatGPT interface for all your data and applications.

Unified NLQ has remained the holy grail of business intelligence tools for decades, and it's now feasible because GPT-4 can translate simple questions into SQL. Moreover, it can supply context about data and guide users to the answers they seek.

What will it replace? Essentially, every report, dashboard, and every screen in your applications.

All these interfaces are static and unintelligent. Once people begin engaging in dynamic, intelligent conversations with their data, they'll crave more.

I'll demonstrate how it will function and present examples of why it's the killer app. Additionally, I'll share the demo code for you to download and customize.

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