Ep 27. ServiceNow Crushes Quarterly Profits with GenAI

In an unprecedented announcement, ServiceNow, a non-AI company has shattered earnings records through its strategic use of generative AI, setting a new benchmark for industries worldwide. 

Welcome to Episode 27 in Prolego’s Generative AI series! In this video, I deconstruct what exactly ServiceNow did and how you can replicate their success in your own business.

🔍 What’s Inside This Episode?

  • ServiceNow's AI Milestone: A non-AI company achieving record profits through generative AI, offering a blueprint for success across industries.
  • AI's Impact Across Business Functions: Gain insights into how ServiceNow applied AI to streamline various business processes, including HR, customer relationship management, and developer efficiency, demonstrating the versatile benefits of AI.
  • Blueprint for Replicating ServiceNow's Successes: Learn actionable strategies for implementing generative AI in your business, mirroring ServiceNow's success to enhance operational efficiency and profitability without requiring significant investment or specialized skills.

There is nothing unique about ServiceNow's results that you cannot replicate. Other companies will soon begin reporting similar results this year, and you should expect your CEO, board, or investors to begin asking about your generative AI plans.

This is already happening to some of our clients and friends, and we have been conducting briefings to bring them up to speed on ServiceNow's announcement.

Please click the link below ⬇️ if you'd like to schedule a briefing for your team or hit reply and we'll reach out to schedule.


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