The Era of Enterprise Artificial General Intelligence

In this video, Kevin Dewalt from Prolego talks about a concept called Enterprise Artificial General Intelligence or Enterprise AGI. He explains that almost every company has some sort of AI running in its operations, but these are based on what is called narrow AI which is very good at performing specific tasks. Enterprise AGI, on the other hand, is something completely different and doesn't currently exist anywhere in any company. He explains that AGI is a type of information processing system that is able to do reasoning functions, make decisions, explore data, and assign tasks with reasoning capabilities that are comparable to what a person could do. Dewalt believes that we are a lot closer to building and starting to deploy these kinds of systems than anyone realizes, thanks to the emergence of large language models like GPT-4. He explains that we have all the tools necessary to start building incredibly powerful applications that are going to quickly result in mass automation of every business process in any organization. He urges viewers to start preparing now as these changes are going to start happening in 2023 as we kick off initial proof of concepts.

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