Ep. 9 Build Your Generative AI Strategy in 1 Hour

So you need a corporate strategy for LLMs and generative AI? Since starting Prolego 7 years ago I’ve helped dozens of companies develop AI strategies that resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in enterprise AI investments. I started to realize that every company was creating essentially the same plan, but most wasted a massive amount of time on two distractions.

The first distraction is endlessly gathering “use cases”. The second distraction is recurring meetings on general AI topics like opportunities, constraints, bias, ethics, infrastructure, policy and talent. These activities only produce more and more questions without answers.

You can save yourself 6 months of work by coming to this realization now - and taking a different approach, one that has worked for other companies. Instead of trying to create the perfect plan, reframe your AI Strategy as a multi-year, organizational transformation. You’re going to tell your leadership exactly what they want to hear: You’ve got a big vision that starts with a small initial investment. 

Here is the big vision: Becoming an AI-empowered company requires maturing along five dimensions. 

  1. Capabilities, the AI systems that solve many business problems. 
  2. Infrastructure, the computing services to securely process data and support solutions at scale. 
  3. Talent, the human capital you need to execute and maintain a competitive position, 
  4. Governance, the metrics and oversight to ensure business impact and reduce risks, and 
  5. Tools, the 3rd party resources to accelerate your program.

You’re going to advocate for an approach that begins maturing along these five dimensions in parallel. This is the “big vision”, and it will take your company years just like every other company. You will slowly get there by executing - not by compiling use cases or talking about AI concepts. You’re going to request funding for a first project and demonstrate how it will help you begin maturing along these five dimensions.

You can do it an an hour:

  1. Watch the short video.
  2. Download and customize the powerpoint template

Take these steps and you’ll crush it at your next AI strategy meeting.

Let’s Future Proof Your Business.