Ep 20. 5 UX Tips for Generative AI

I'm thrilled to share the 20th episode in our Generative AI series where we explore practical challenges around the user experience (UX). Instead of rehashing typical principles from web and mobile apps, we dive into lessons learned directly from the trenches of Large Language Model (LLM) application development.

The user experience can be challenging because some customers will have high expectations and quickly become frustrated when it doesn’t meet them. Others won’t know where to start and will give up without trying. Here are 5 tips to help you overcome the most common failure points.

  1. Collaborate with a power user
  2. Guide users with LLM agents
  3. Provide starters like “What Data Do I Have?”
  4. Have an evaluation framework
  5. Satisfy users before optimizing

So, are you ready to take your generative AI project to the next level? Dive into the episode now and start applying these insights to your work.

Let’s Future Proof Your Business.