Alex thrives on difficult real-world problems and cutting-edge solutions. She embraces the challenge of building algorithms that offer a complete solution to business partners.

She has worked in multiple corporate and academic settings, both as principal technical developer and as a leader of high-performing AI teams.

Alex received a PhD from the University of Chicago in medical physics. She worked at the forefront of AI for medicine and demonstrated the first-ever relationship between changes in CT scans and the development of radiation pneumonitis. Her publications have been cited more than 300 times.

Since receiving her PhD, Alex continues to apply her expertise to solving the hardest AI problems in industrial settings. She has developed and deployed deep-learning models, optimization algorithms, and robotics solutions and has filed 17 patents.

Alex is an applied AI developer who loves to code. She prides herself on being a rigorous scientist as well as a highly effective software developer and engineer.

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