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The Era of Enterprise Artificial General Intelligence Has Begun

Everything about your work will soon change.

Every job function will transform or vanish, and fresh ones will sprout up. Business processes as we know them will completely transform. Legacy enterprise systems? Most will be obsolete, and companies will stop all new development on them. Product roadmaps will be scrapped with no notice. Some departments will dissolve or merge, while others will spring into existence. Incumbent companies will fade away, and new startups will skyrocket to billion-dollar valuations in mere months. This impending transformation is due to an emerging technology called artificial general intelligence (AGI), which promises to revolutionize our work lives, including yours.

An AGI is a system capable of reasoning and making decisions across a wide range of situations, much like humans. When such a system is applied to solving business problems, I call it enterprise AGI. While most companies are using AI to solve specific tasks, a capability called narrow AI, enterprise AGI is currently nonexistent. This is about to change, with enterprise AGI expected to emerge in late 2023, slowly accelerating in 2024 and steadily gaining momentum. Although the exact timeline and distribution of impact remain uncertain, it's crucial to start preparing. Now.

The inevitability of AGI is rooted in GPT-4's impressive performance on reasoning tasks. Regrettably, this fact has yet to become widely recognized. Although millions of people use ChatGPT, the vast majority don't fully grasp the distinction between GPT-4 and its predecessors. Among those who do, most labor under the misconception that GPT-4 must improve before we can begin building enterprise AGI. This critical point is so frequently misunderstood that I repeat it ad nauseum. Here it is again: we can start constructing enterprise AGI today, even with GPT's current limitations.

We hope to start a conversation by explaining how enterprise AGI will arrive: by building intelligent applications with GPT-4 and LangChain. (Don’t worry if you are not yet familiar with either, I will explain them). I hope you'll take away the following:

  • GPT-4 is a game-changer, boasting sparks of human-level reasoning that will alter everything.
  • Despite its very real flaws, we can start building AGI applications today by overcoming GPT-4's shortcomings with other tools.
  • GPT-4's true impact lies not in its use as a mere tool, but as the intelligent brain fueling all business processes.
  • LangChain offers a framework to begin constructing these applications today.

With the exception of the Epilogue, this essay isn't about caution. I'll leave the AI ethics, restrictions, and risks debate to policy makers and public intellectuals. Those discussions are valid and vital, and I'm all for participating in them elsewhere.

This conversation caters to a different crowd—the builders. I'm reaching out to the developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and enterprise AI leaders who, like me, are determined to bring this inevitable future to life as rapidly as possible. We're optimists, ultimately convinced that AI will revolutionize society for the greater good of humankind.

If that resonates with you, here's one last nudge. The race to emerge victorious from this once-in-a-lifetime transition kicked off on March 14, 2023.

How badly do you want to be among the winners?

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The Era of Enterprise Artificial General Intelligence Has Begun

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The complete guide for understanding AI, identifying opportunities, and launching your first product and become an AI Company in 90 days.