Watch this video if you want to install and run our document embedding software demo locally (it isn’t that hard, I did it easily). We also do a deep dive technical walkthrough with Prolego’s engineers, valuable content for engineers and data scientists.

0:00 Introduction

1:27 How to install the demo software

3:21 Learn how to build and modify it from experienced developers

25:33 Conclusion


📹 PART ONE - The Best Starting Point for Your AI Strategy: DOCUMENT EMBEDDINGS: - If you are an analytics leader or product manager tasked with developing an AI or LLM strategy, start with this video. We begin by explaining what document embeddings are, what you can do with them, and we show you two examples: Semantic Search and Document Q&A.

🧑 💻 GITHUB REPO WITH DEMO SOFTWARE - Yep, you can download and run the code locally if you have basic software skills such as git, conda, etc. If you have questions about installation, just ask us on our Discord channel:

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