Ep. 16 - Case Study: Vericant Releases GenAI Solution in 30 Days

Today you’re going to meet Guy Sivan, co-Founder and CEO of Vericant, a company he sold to ETS, the world's largest private nonprofit educational testing organization.

Guy and I had a Zoom call in August about ways Vericant could use Generative AI in its product offering. I was fairly shocked to see that Vericant released a solution a month later.

I initially assumed this was a different initiative at Vericant, but I soon realized it was inspired by our conversation. Guy built and deployed a generative AI solution with a few hours of work over a few weeks.

Guy and I break down what he did step-by-step so you can do the same. We discuss . . . .

👉 His inspiration

👉 How he organized his data

👉 How he built it without any programming

👉 How he used his team to refine it

👉 How he did it part time without dedicated resources

And most importantly how this one small first project launched an entirely new business opportunity for his company.


Let’s Future Proof Your Business.