A smarter approach to model governance

Entrusting your business decisions to AI does indeed create new risks, and you need new policies and procedures to mitigate them. However, sensational news headlines lead companies to take ineffective approaches that result in unnecessary delays and frustration. After helping some of the world’s largest companies develop model governance policies, I’ve learned a better way to manage the complexities of AI. In this issue of FeedForward, you’ll explore some of my top recommendations.

The remarkable power of storytelling to spread AI in your company

We recently released volume 1 of Adventures in AI, the world’s first AI comic book. It was a smashing success, and many AI Leaders asked us how and why we created it. In this post we share our process and thoughts on how you can use an engaging and compelling story to communicate the value of AI to your organization.

Fortunately, all coronavirus models are wrong

Modeling anything about the pandemic is impossible—we just don't have the data. Fortunately the most unknowable factor is the one cause for optimism: the impact of human ingenuity

How your data science career can survive the Covid 19 downturn

Data science has been one of the fastest growing fields over the past five years. As we enter this economic downcycle managers will begin identifying their most valuable people—the ones they will fight to retain in the event of layoffs. What follows is advice for making yourself invaluable to any employer.

Video: Natural-language Processing (NLP) for Insurance Companies

NLP technology is accelerating while costs are plummeting. As a result, most insurance companies are leveraging new language models for revenue-driving and cost-cutting initiatives. In this technical webinar we will cover modern NLP basics and help you get started.

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