The guaranteed path to AI failure: An unmotivated business partner

Many data science projects die a slow, painful death because the organization isn’t motivated to make it succeed. In this post we address the three primary reasons projects fail and provide suggestions for what you can do to overcome these challenges.:

The critical flaw with AutoML: Big problems require human creativity

Like most engineers, I hate tedious work. That’s why I love the idea of automatic machine learning (AutoML). As much as I want to love AutoML, it’s been incorrectly framed as a substitute for data scientists. This confusion arises from a misunderstanding of what actually happens in machine learning projects.

A smarter approach to model governance

Entrusting your business decisions to AI does indeed create new risks, and you need new policies and procedures to mitigate them. However, sensational news headlines lead companies to take ineffective approaches that result in unnecessary delays and frustration. After helping some of the world’s largest companies develop model governance policies, I’ve learned a better way to manage the complexities of AI. In this issue of FeedForward, you’ll explore some of my top recommendations.

The remarkable power of storytelling to spread AI in your company

We recently released volume 1 of Adventures in AI, the world’s first AI comic book. It was a smashing success, and many AI Leaders asked us how and why we created it. In this post we share our process and thoughts on how you can use an engaging and compelling story to communicate the value of AI to your organization.

Stay motivated with The War of Art

Having a hard time staying motivated? Finding yourself endlessly distracted by the news? Well, join the crowd—we all feel the same. Check out Stephen Pressfield's book, The War of Art. It gave me the motivation I need and may do the same for you.

The Coming NLP Revolution in Insurance

Natural-language processing (NLP) is the "killer app" for insurance because the cost of building custom NLP apps has plummeted and performance is approaching-human level.

Demand simplicity

AI has roots in academic research there is too much needless jargon. Don't settle for being confused—demand simplicity. The real experts will be happy to oblige you.

Video: AI for Insurance

AI Fundamentals for Insurance Executives, Managers, and other Business Leaders

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